Advice to Young Magicians

Yes, well, I could hardly designate half a page to Tarma without paying the same treatment to her equally worthy partner and Oathsister now could I? Hey, I just happen to seriously love Mercedes Lackey because not only are her Valdemar books solidly grounded and deeply moral, but also due to her amazingly diverse and complex systems of magic and magical creatures (such the criminally undermentioned Warrl, for instance).

Hence just as Tarma had some practical advice on adventuring, so too does the White Winds sorceress Lady Kethryvaris (called Kethry, Keth, or Greeneyes) of House Pheregrul wish to give some Advice to Young Magicians.

"The firebird knows your anger
And the firebird feels your fear;
For your passions will attract her
And your feelings draw her near.
But hate and fear and fury
Only make her flame and fly.
You must rule your heart, magician,
Or by her bright wings you die!

Now the cold-drake lives in silence
And he feeds on dark despair
Where the shadows fall the bleakest -
You will find the cold-drake there.
For he seeks to chill your spirit
And to lure you down to death.
Learn to rule your soul magician,
Ere you dare the cold-drakes breath!

The griffon is a proud beast,
He’s master of the sky;
And no one can forget the sight,
Who has seen the griffon fly
But his will is formed in magic
And not mortal flesh and bone -
And if you would rule the griffons will
You must first control your own!

The kyree is a creature
With a soul both old and wise.
You must never think to fool him
For he sees through all disguise.
If you seek to call a kyree
All your secrets he shall plumb.
So be certain you are worthy -
Or the kyree will not come!

Your own heart you must conquer,
If the firebird you would call,
You must know the dark within you,
Ere you seek the cold-drake’s hall.
Here is better read, magician,
Than those books upon your shelf.
If you seek to master others,
You must master first yourself!"

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