Private message to my former students

Greetings my friends! 

I hope you enjoyed learning Riddle Mastery and are doing well. If you are reading this then you found or were given by me the link to this my Stars Uncounted blog; I hope you find it fun.

Now, to business. If you are not already, then you will be aware that Stars Uncounted includes the means to contact me; a means one of you has already put to use. However, I have both good news and bad news for you. The bad news is that as a professional teacher I cannot be in emailing contact with my former students; your parents will be able to explain this more fully, but it is one of the rules of teaching.

Yet that lack of contact need only last as long as you are children. When you turn 18 then, if you so desire, you may contact me at It is your choice and yes, your 18th birthdays must seem like forever away but, like with Riddle Mastery, one must follow the rules.

Regardless, I want you all to know how proud I am of each and every one of you, and how much fun I had teaching you. I miss you all and remind you to never underestimate your skill or that you have earned, wholly and truly, the title Riddle Master. Finally, for those of you inclined to do so, I am certain that you can train many outstanding Master Riddle-Solvers and/or Makers yourselves. Who said I had to be the only Master Riddle Teacher? In fact, one of my secrets was a desire to train someone capable of passing the skills on. Let the students become the teachers, as is said.

Best wishes and may fortune favor to you all going forward!

Your friend and former teacher,

Ian Adler

P.S. I realized that while I always spoke of the Principles of Riddle Mastery, I never gave you folks a list of them. I am correcting that error now with this link.

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