Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Riddle Ranking System

Riddles in the Dark; one of the Fantasy
genre's most iconic riddle games. I judge all
of Tolkien's riddles to rank from
Upper Middle-ranking to Master.
My penchant for riddle mastery is no secret, yet it occurs to me that, while I listed the four (five if you have visited Caithnard) types of riddles, I have not gone over how I rank riddles. Strange really, seeing how these rankings come up just as much when I torture...cough-- I mean challenge people with them. My Riddle Ranking System is, therefore, as follows:

Easy Simple riddles that have a token of complexity but can be solved fairly quickly by 1st graders. These are always (at least for me) Logic riddles.
Example: When alive I am green, when I die I am brown, when I live I stay up, when I die I fall down = leaf

Middle-ranking The most common level of riddle and, for me, the easiest to make. Sophisticated enough in wording, playing with words and logic, to pose a challenge to most for several hours. I typically use these to judge a person's (3rd grade to adult) skill in riddle-solving. Most tend to be Logic riddles.
Example: What can’t you keep until you give = a promise / your word

Hard Difficult to describe this level as these are typically just short step above Middle-ranking, being of more complex wording and often having slightly less obvious answers. Indeed, I call them Upper Middle-ranking at times. Both Logic and Wordplay riddles are common.
Example: You saw me where I never was and where I could not be. And yet within that very place, my face you often see = a mirror reflection

Master Few and far between are these riddles, both in terms of people able to make as well as solve them; even I have very few. As the name implies, only true master riddle-solvers can answer these, often only after hours of thought, for they require one to truly think outside of the box.
Example: ---- (Sorry, but I am going to keep these to myself. Torturing people with them is too much fun to spoil by posting the answers here.)

Grandmaster Answering one of these puts you in the riddle-solver hall of fame. Always Combination riddles (at least all of mine are), these can be counted on the finger of one hand and are hardly ever solved even by those who can answer Master-ranked ones. I have one myself and, though I have given it to hundreds of people over the years, only fifteen have ever solve it (and most of these took a few days to do so).
Example: ---- (Sorry but, as a rule, usually, it is never given unit a person or group has proven themselves at the Middle-ranking level.)

Championmaster Those insane riddles a hair's breath away from being unsolvable. I honestly do not know why I even bother listing this as a rank as, to date, my single riddle of this kind has only been solved once: by siblings Chloe and Heather, each of whom individually was a master riddle-solver, though it took them, working together, a full week to solve it. Frankly I only created the Championmaster riddle because my friend Devin, who had solved the Grandmaster, challenged me to craft a harder one.
Example: ---- (Sorry, but today I only tell this riddle to those select few who solve my Grandmaster...though none have solved it since the sisters).

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