Saturday, May 2, 2020

I have just started Knife of Dreams

The great journey continues. The Wheel turns.

I have just started Knife of Dreams, Volume #11 of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan.
Tis known by the Aiel Dreamwalkers that the Land of Dreams is no less real than the walking world, and by Aes Sedai Dreamers that dreams may reveal the secrets and possibilities of the Pattern yet unwoven. So it is that the True Flame of Tar Valon learns that while walking a treacherous path her most hated enemy shall save her and that the gambler has fire in his hand that, in exploding, shall cause much death. So it is that the Foretellings of the False Flame shall be tested as the fates of Rose Crown, Sunburst, and the White Tower itself are tied to the children of Morgase. So it is that the Pattern gathers all loose threads in preparation as new alliances are planted in the promised soil of Tarmon Gai'don.

Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time.

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