Sunday, January 23, 2022

I just finished Prince of the Blood

I just finished Prince of the Blood, book 1 of Raymond E. Feist's Krondor’s Sons Series (part of his Riftwar Cycle).

Book 1, but since the second book is not a direct sequel I am going to put Krondor’s Sons on hold until I read the Riftwar Cycle proper. One would not think that I of all people needed a reminder on starting from the beginning, but we all need reminding at times. Anyway, Prince of the Blood was a worthy book for all that Feist himself is not terribly fond of it, showing well the issues in maintaining a vast Empire and the problems of arrogance both cultural and youthful. Frankly, I lost my taste for royal intrigue after enduring GRRM, but I am absolutely going to give the Riftwar Cycle a try (though not at this moment, as I have a most excellent vow to uphold).
Farewell and good work Princes Borric and Erland, James and Gamina, Locklear, Suli, Ghuda, and She Who Is Kesh. Until next time.

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