Saturday, August 12, 2023

I just started Seasparrow by Kristin Cashore

A busy vacation forcing one to do weeks worth of homework in the single week prior can certainly derail a person's reading, but now the ship is righted for I just started Seasparrow by Kristin Cashore, the fifth book of her Graceling Realm Series.

As ever, it is a delight seeing old friends again in Bitterblue, Giddon and Hava! En route by ship back to Monsea after their adventures in Winterkeep, issues of translation and sailors' secrets seem like child's play, but the journey back is destined to be as hazardous as the one to. If it is not Queen overboard it is Queen shipwrecked, and I have a strong feeling that ice, mountain passes, and the finer points of moral responsibility will be the least, or the least complex, of hurdles they must cross before they finally get home.

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