Saturday, January 27, 2024

Official Book Review: The Fury, Book Two of David Doersch's Chronicles of the Raven

I have finished The Fury, Book Two of David Doersch's Chronicles of the Raven and, as the author requested, now give it an Official Book Review.

Fulfilling the promise Book One made, The Fury reveals the Chronicles of the Raven as a Fantasy of consistent, incredible, expanding and intricately detailed depth as old intrigues come to fruition or wither depending while revealing layers that were only hinted at and others utterly unexpected as the world of Hortus and story itself reaches beyond the borders of Daffyd. A story that is now far more than a Celtic Fantasy about the women and men of Green Mount and Lachland protecting their homes from the savage Barbárs hordes, the Church of the Five, and the blood-magicking Angor shamans. Powers far greater are now at play as ancient, forgotten legends come to life, and one of Doersch's great qualities is that he forces to reader to be as keen-eyed as the best of archers to gain full understanding.

But understanding or not – and the Five know many of the characters themselves are in the not category – the Autumn Equinox is nigh and now the fate of the world depends upon the Raven Corvus Corax and his friends ascending and matching the ancient call: The battle cry goes out as swords are drawn… "Protect the Tor!" In other words, Book Three will open with a literally earth-shaking battle.

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