Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tales of the Bard

"Bard, come forth; face me."

My father and I just finished reading Magician's Law, book #1 of the Tales of the Bard series by that master of myth named Michael Scott.
To read one of Scott's books is like reading stellar myths & legends wrapped in the cloak of deep and thrilling wonder that is the modern Fantasy genre.

An immortal, hook-handed Bard walks the land, championing the Pantheon against darkling and righteous Usurpers from the Gorge. He meets all sorts of strange characters - all totally different, all captivated by him.

Good roads until next summer Paedur the Bard, Kutor, Owen, Tuan, Cliona. Life and Death, Ending and Beginning, are two sides of the same potent coin.

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