Sunday, November 5, 2017

Just finished the Tales of the Bard

"Bard, come forth; face me."

I just finished reading Death's Law - book #3 of the Tales of the Bard series by that master of myth named Michael Scott.A splendid little tale whose epic language and lore belies its size, Scott has again proven his unquestionable skill within the Fantastic.
Long roads and fair destinations to Champion of the Old Faith Paedur the Bard Shannaqui, to white-haired Katani of the Katan Warriors, to Owen the Weapon Master and Tien'Zo, to Kutor once of the Wastelands, to Fodla of the Legion, to the victorious Pantheon.
Remember the Magician's Law; the Force of Equals. (Which seems to take prescience over the Death's Law)
Remember the Dove's Cry; the Lament of Lugas.

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