Friday, April 13, 2018

Just finished The Healer's Keep by Victoria Hanley

Just finished The Healer's Keep by Victoria Hanley, companion to The Seer and the Sword and part of her Healer and Seer series.
Hanley may not write long or complex epics, yet she seizes fast to your heartstrings and keep you on emotional tenterhooks the whole time with simple tales of love and heartbreak, tragedy and victory; and simple magic does not mean unsophisticated.

Ellowenity and a Dreamwen's peace to you, Maeve, Princess Saravelda, Dorjan, Jasper Thornetree, and Evan. Sing and love well (and free the slaves), my dear friends.

"I have lived on the borders, my real face unseen,
but where I go now has no boundary but dreams.
Walk with me, walk with me out of this night,
for you are my love, and you are my light."

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