Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My father and I just finished the Howl Series by Diana Wynne Jones

My father and I just finished House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones, the third and final book of her Howl Series.
So as usual a certain moving castle brings both chaos and good fortune in equal and mixed measure. So as usual Jones writes a book of unutterable complexity beneath a deceptive layer of charming simplicity...the climax resulting in us gaping in shock and me pounding my fists against the bed. Nothing new and different about that. Diana Wynne Jones is truly no less a genius than Tolkien - but in a wholly different way. And this time she showed her hitherto unknown ability to craft an insectoid terror.

Goodbye and best wishes to Charmain Baker, Wizard Howl & Sophie & Calcifer (neat work, as always), Peter, Great-Uncle William, the enchanting dog Waif, the kobolds, the royals of High Norland, and Jamal and his dog.
As always, our faith in Jones is well rewarded.

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