Sunday, June 7, 2020

League of Legends

 "The things we carry should lift us up, not weigh us down.
Memories, love, and hope are the lightest necessities."

"Forgiveness is hard, but so very worth it."

So I finally did what several of my friends have been urging me to do for years, which is give the game League of Legends a try. My thoughts? It is a decent game and each character has solid lore behind them along with an always well-written short narrative featuring said character, good enough to establish an emotional attachment to them – which is of course the mark of excellent writing. My best characters are Kai'Sa the Daughter of the Void (whose image you see here) and Ashe the Frost Archer. My best characters because theirs are the stories that piqued my interest enough to finally give the game a try. While playing I found each character was full of worthy quotes which perfectly matched their personalities and background, so kudos to League of Legends for that; below her picture are two of Kai'Sa's and two of Ashe's are "Do not confuse mercy for weakness" and "Move quickly, position well, and the battle is won before blood is drawn." My verdict on the game beyond the lore? While I can see the appeal of it to many, the lore is really just to add flavor to a battle game without an overarching storyline, in which heroes like Kai'Sa and Ashe – who would never end up fighting each other – cross swords. Frankly I have little taste for senseless violence, though I of course know that such is not the intent behind League of Legends and am not condemning the game with these words. It is simply my own personal opinion. Do not get me wrong: I enjoy playing it. But lacking an true story it does not hold a candle up to other games such as RuneScape. I guess I just need to feel that the fantasy battles I fight mean something for the world they occur in.

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