Friday, June 24, 2022

The Last War - Official Book Trailer

New authors always hope their books become bestsellers despite knowing how utterly beyond unlikely it is, and that goes for me as well. Yet I also always hoped again despite knowing the unfathomable odds against it coming true that The Last War would get its own Book Trailer (I know, I REALLY dreamed big). Well, if the downside of self-publishing is that you must do everything yourself then, by the same token, that is also the upside. So I put my admittedly very limited video and photo editing skills to the test and made my own Book Trailer which is now on YouTube. (Yes, I have my own YouTube channel; and no, it was not made for publicity purposes regarding my book.) I think it came out rather well, but I will let the public be the judge of that.

(The girl is Sakura, one of my main characters. Technically she wields a rapier, but no photo is perfect. Even as it stands I had to use Photoshop to change her eye-color to green.)

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