Monday, August 29, 2022

Second Editorial Review of The Last War: Book One of the Cynnahu Saga

I am thrilled to announce that Feathered Quill Reviews has reviewed my book, The Last War! I am not going to quote the whole thing here as it contains spoilers seriously, only read the whole review if you are at least halfway through the book so here is the gist of things:

"Adler has built a complex and detailed fantasy world full of adventure and excitement that keeps readers turning the pages. The author provides explanations of what people perform in their jobs that go along with their titles, such as Dragon Guardians, Isle Masters, Loremasters, and Mages, to name a few. A strong and ideal cast of characters who are dealing with grief, sacrifice, tricky interactions, and bravery in the face of overwhelming odds populate the story. The characters also undertake risks, whether it is being involved in battles where magic plays a part or in trying to overcome outside forces and internal challenges when it comes to solving the secret code in ancient writings...The Last War is a gripping fantasy story that pulls readers into a magical world with nonstop action and suspense that revolves around an armed confrontation of epic proportions."

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