Saturday, December 31, 2022

New Year's Eve

As 2022 rolls away I think it is only fitting to look back on this year's accomplishments:

  • The Nine Realms series by Sarah Kozloff
  • Prince of the Blood by of Raymond E. Feist
  • Terciel and Elinor by Garth Nix, prequel to his Abhorsen series
  • The Last Keeper, Book One of J.V. Hilliard's Warminster Series
  • Escape from Falaise, book #5 of the Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger series by John Flanagan
  • In the Serpent's Wake by Rachel Hartman, sequel to Tess of the Road
  • Volumes three through six of the Novels of Tiger and Del by Jennifer Roberson, one of the few series I have given a second chance.
  • Five Little Pigs by Dame Agatha Christie
  • A rereading of Alphabet of Thorn by Patricia A. McKillip, who was lost to us this year.
  • The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta
  • The Murder at the Vicarage by Dame Agatha Christie
  • The first two books of Jaclyn Moriarty's Kingdoms and Empires Series
  • Orphan Island by Laurel Snyder
Of course, this was also the year I joined the hallowed ranks of Fantasy authors with the publication of my own book, The Last War: Book One of the Cynnahu Saga! With luck I shall publish book two, Dragon Guardians, ere my next New Year's Eve post. (The rough draft is fully written, but editing takes time.)

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