Sunday, October 29, 2023

I have begun (once again) Star of the Morning, Book 1 of Lynn Kurland's Novels of the Nine Kingdoms

Back in April 2016, a mere month or so before I began this mostly humble blog, I wrote the following post on Facebook:

Due to the fact that this semester is reeking havoc with my reading schedule, I must postpone my reading of Lynn Kurland's Novels of the Nine Kingdoms; simply put, the series deserves more time and energy than I have.
I am therefore switching to Oathblood by Mercedes Lackey, a book of short stories featuring the adventures of my favorite she'enedra sisters of sword and spell - mercenaries Kethry and Tarma (and Warrl!)

It was my final semester in college, so spare time was a rarity. Anyway, it has been quite a long postponement, and the tale has been sitting patiently on my bookshelf ever since. Yet the time of waiting is over for I have begun once again Star of the Morning, Book 1 of Lynn Kurland's Novels of the Nine Kingdoms!

A King whose lost his magic, an Archmage with plenty, and a Mercenary who is about to find herself thrust into an arcane destiny where magic, love, swords, and deadly danger are bound together around a rather sudden and alarming mage-born mystery and war. I never wanted to stop this book the first time and now, like the Swords of Neroche and Angesand, it speaks to me again, calling me to the Nine Kingdoms.

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