Saturday, February 24, 2024

Max Guild and Cape

Today I accomplished one of those rare decades long goals, that being reaching at least level 99 in every RuneScape Skill and thus earning the right to wear the Max Cape and enter the Max Guild in Prifddinas (city of the elves and the capital city of Tirannwn). I have reached and posted similar goals before – such as when I earned the combat-related Five Capes of Accomplishment – but getting to 99 in all Skills a dream of every Scaper.

I am wearing the red cape, which is naturally the Max Cape,
and am standing in the Max Guild.
A dream we can relive for, truth me told, I first earned Max Cape and Guild entry early last summer. Why did I not post about it then? Because I knew that RuneScape's newest Skill, Necromancy, was about to come out; hence my, and indeed every Maxed Scaper's time as such, was going to end when it did. Which means, as you can see from the images, that today I finally reached level 99 in Necromancy and re-earned by place as a Max Cape wearer and Guild member.

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