Monday, May 10, 2021

Five Capes of Accomplishment

Today I accomplished one of those rare decade long goals, that being reaching level 99 in all of RuneScape's major combat skills. I achieved 99 in Magic, Ranged, and Prayer while back, Defense two days ago and, today, within fifteen minutes of each other, Strength, Constitution, and Attack. 

A gaming event like this may not seem like much, but any true Scaper knows that is the long awaited end of a journey that began with one wielding bronze equipment against the chickens and goblins at Lumbridge, then the stronger goblins in Goblin Village (I spent eons there), then against the guards at Falador and Varrock, fighting other players in the Soul Wars, all the while doing Quests in which once faces down gradually yet notably more lethal foes. Each victory giving a great sense of personal accomplishment that is remembered down the years; from Elvarg the Dragon of Crandor to Sliske and his wights.

It is a journey that takes one from the Champions Guild to Heroes Guild, with the Magic, Ranging, and Warriors ones in between, all the way up the Legends Guild which, since one can enter with below level 90 combat skills, is but the first epic half of the journey whose ultimate destination is the Max Guild (which I have yet to reach since it is only available to players who have attained at least level 99 in all 28 skills). Point of order, the reason I achieved these four 99s practically simultaneously is because, from those first endless days in training in Goblin Village and the all the many years since, I have kept my Defense, Strength, Constitution, and Attack levels and Exp the same.

Hence, lately during Double Exp events using combat training dummies, I have always grown these levels simultaneously. And now the journey ends. Honestly it is a lot to take it, for I will miss training these skills; each time I switched which training dummies and what skill to get Exp in reminded me of doing the same against goblins and guards. I still feel the warm glow of nostalgia when entering Goblin Village, hearing that classic music which played across so many weeks.

Finally, speaking of Guilds and 99s, I achieved Crafting level 99 during the current Double Exp event as well. A seemingly random addition to this post, yet, way back, it was the Crafting Guild which first alerted and excited me about getting into the many RuneScape Guild, leading to hours and hours across weeks and weeks of me leather-working and jewelry-making until I finally got in. Now that journey ends as well.

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