Thursday, June 20, 2024

I have finished Destiny, book three of Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages and final book of the Rhapsody Trilogy

I have finished Destiny, book three of Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages and final book of the Rhapsody Trilogy.

"Three shall come, leaving early, arriving late. The lifestages of all men: Child of Blood, Child of Earth, Child of Sky." - Prophecy of the Three

I am in awe. I have read countless Fantasies most of which are the acknowledged best, yet NEVER have I read a series like this – the possible exception being The Wheel of Time which, given their respective titles, makes sense. Invoking the cosmic vastness of Time with unique characters who feels its ravages in ways I never dreamed of, a breathtakingly original world dripping with lore, romance, and a struggle to avert pre-ordained apocalypse, the Rhapsody Trilogy is like a mix of the best of The Lord of the Rings and The Wheel of Time. The best, yet so utterly unpredictable as to keep me at the edge of my seat, never sure what was coming next.

So it is that a demon younger than starlight yet older than the Earth is cast down despite the aid of the ambitious willing to sell their souls for power or revenge. So it is that the Cymrian people put aside the Past in favor of the Future. So it is that even as Dragons can be born in starfire, they may end the same way. So it is that a pearl-sealed memory is restored and a love that began on the lost island of Serendair where Time began now outshines the star for which it was named for all to see. So it is that the Three stood and saved their world, despite enduring torments beyond what most souls could endure.

So it was that Meridion successfully edited Time, laying the tapestry for a new, better Future to unfold.

Which brings up the question, will I read that Future? The Rhapsody Trilogy is over, yet true to its name, the Symphony of Ages is not – with six more books that span millennia, a nine-volume series in total. Yet unlike The Wheel of Time, and more like Terry Brooks' Shannara books, it is not a single story, no vast overarching plotline. Some might disagree and I have read reviews by diehard fans stating that Haydon clearly had the end of book nine in mind from the start, yet still others contest that assertion – saying that the Rhapsody Trilogy has a perfectly conclusive ending. I agree with the latter, having finished the trilogy, and I have researched a bit to see about the rest. So, will I finish the harmony? The answer: no. Like I did with Shannara I am sticking with the original trilogy. Never mind exactly why save that my soul cannot take the ravages and repetitions of Time that Haydon puts the Three and their friends through. I may, in the Future, change my mind, but for now...

I wish fondest life and lots of love upon Rhapsody the Namer & Ashe ap Llauron, Achmed the Snake, Sergeant-Major Gunthor, Jo, Oelendra, Llauron, Anborn, Stephen Nanarve and children, the great Dragon Elynsynos and, of course Meridion the Child of Time.

"When you find the one thing in your life you believe in above anything else, you owe it to yourself to stand by it—it will never come again, child. And if you believe in it unwaveringly, the world has no other choice but to see it as you do, eventually. For who knows it better than you? Don’t be afraid to take a difficult stand, darling. Find the one thing that matters—everything else will resolve itself."

"Ryle Hira: Life is what it is."

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