Friday, May 5, 2017

Just finished Court Duel

Just finished Court Duel, the second book of Sherwood Smith's The Crown & Court Duet.
So ends a fast-paced and charming adventure. What is not to love about a barefooted countess aiding in taking down a tyrant and, most importantly, bringing love and laughter to a palace full of courtiers whose minds are so full of the high strategy that they cannot see a another human beyond their livery? The overall lesson: Never let past misunderstandings impair relationships; better to overcome them before they catch up with and trip you in dangerous places.

My warmest wishes for a happy future to Meliara of Tlanth & Vindanric of Renselaeus, Branaric and Nimiar of Tlanth, Savona and Tamara, and all my other friends of Remalna. You saved the kingdom and the Hill Folk.

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