Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fossil Island at last

Hidden deep behind the stormy clouds lies a newly discovered area called Anachronia. At least, that is what it is called now. But for over a decade this place was known to RuneScape players Fossil Island, a land northeast of the dark land of Morytania. The island was spoken of by the Varrock Museum's curator, Haig Halen, who mentions that reaching the yet-unexplored island is one of Varrock Museum's projects. A canal barge was under construction in the northern part of the Varrock Dig Site, overseen by the barge foreman, and claimed to be used to travel to the island via the River Salve. Obtaining 100 museum kudos was to be required to participate in the expedition. But the barge was never built, or rather its building epitomized the phrase "getting nowhere fast." But now, at long last, and we can visit this Land Out of Time...and find that the fossils have a bit too much flesh and bones on them for safe archeological research. (I would say more, except my ban on spoilers applies for video games too.)

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