Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I just finished The Sacred Hunt Duology by Michelle West

Sound the silver horn, call the hunt.
I just finished Hunter’s Death, the second book of The Sacred Hunt Duology by Michelle West.
Duty is a hard master, requiring sacrifice no less than and often because of love - which of course is what in the end makes the duty worthwhile and noble. Duties driven by love-born oaths freely given, responsibilities and cares willing taken. By such oaths was Dark God Allasakar pushed from the mortal plane, by such sacrifices willingly made. Breodanir and the City of the Twin Kings is safe. The Hunter's Price is paid.

Thank you and well done Stephen and Gilliam of Elseth, Evayne, Kallandras, Meralonne Aphaniel, Jewel Markess, Torvan and Devon ATerafin, The Terafin, Espere, Zareth Kahn, Princess Mirialyn ACormaris, Lady Elsabet of Elseth, Soredon and Norn of Elseth, and last but not least Cynthia of Maubreche.

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