Saturday, June 17, 2023

I have finished The Shadow Roads, Book Three of The Swans' War Trilogy by Sean Russell

I have finished The Shadow Roads, Book Three of The Swans' War Trilogy by Sean Russell.

I have read over a hundred Fantasies, many of titans of the genre, and when I started this trilogy because I needed to return to the classic tradition of Epic Fantasy: its sweeping, dramatic vistas dripping with equally ballad-worthy history as a backdrop to a main story flush with intrigue rooted in sorcery and war both ancient and new, plain and unseen. Yet while The Swan's War was is exactly that, it is also among the most unique Fantasies I have ever read. A tale of the strange River Wynnd, a haunted river of many branches and secrets that may take travelers to hidden lands on no maps; a river once called the Wyrr, for the mighty enchanter who sleeps within. A story of two rival Houses, the Renné and Wills, fighting with sword and intrigue over the throne of a kingdom long gone. A tale of how the River Wynnd carried the living echoes of feuds older than death into the land between the mountains. A story of families both sorcerous and otherwise divided against each other, some over ideals and others blind hatred and ambition even as some would do anything for peace. A tale of love and courage, sacrifices and risks, as noble heirs, reborn magic-users, and three Valemen and a Fael storyfinder find themselves swept into a conflict unlike any other. All sides bear the swan banner yet only together could death, in both senses, be stopped and peace restored.

Farewell Tam, Fynnol, Baore, Cynddl, Lord Toren Renné, Lady Elise Wills, Prince Michael of Innes, Alaan, Gilbert A'brgail and the Knights of the Vow, Kai, Orlem Slighthand, Theason, Rabal Crowheart, Eber and Llya, Carl A'denn
é, Jamm, Pwyll, Dease Renné, and last but far from least Lord Carral Wills & Lady Llyn Renné. May you build and enjoy peace in One Kingdom of Ayr.

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