Thursday, June 15, 2023

My father and I just finished the Winterhouse trilogy

My father and I just finished Winterhouse Mysteries by Ben Guterson, the third and final book of the Winterhouse trilogy.

No rhymes this time (mostly). Once again Elizabeth proves her sometimes foolish bravery but always unshakable resolve and razor wit as, along with Freddy, they unravel the last of Riley Granger's magical riddles hidden in the Winterhouse Hotel. Unraveling word puzzles while putting together more tangible ones in a race against the clock and a certain dead sorceress who would like to reverse her condition, all while dealing with odd guests and family. The third time pays for all, three items, three wishes, three friends to work towards Gracella Winter's fall. Once again they chose the good, protecting Winterhouse as it has stood: a place where the spirit of goodness seeps into all who visit it's storied, friendly halls. Which is why the Winterhouse trilogy is such a delightful read, complete with quirky characters who work through tangles of emotions in addition to fell sorcery.

A happily ever after ending to ye, Elizabeth Somers, Freddy Knox, Elana Vesper, Norbridge Falls, Leona Springer, the puzzle men, Jackson and Samson, Hyrum, and all the others at the Winterhouse Hotel. A long and joyful life awaits you, together.

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