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Official Guest Post: Beginners Guide to Exploring Fantasy Books by StickerYou

Not long ago I was contacted by the Senior Digital Marketing Manager for the StickerYou company who expressed interest in writing a guest post for Stars Uncounted – i.e. a post for this mostly humble blog written by them and not me that adheres to the spirit and context of Stars Uncounted. An offer I accepted, so, without further ado, here is the blog's first Official Guest Post:

Beginners Guide to Exploring Fantasy Books

Magical realms, wizardry, and extraterrestrial beings are just a few of the hallmarks of the magical world of fantasy. As far as fantasy goes, the number of possible tales is infinite. It's a genre that lets you escape from the constraints of the real world and into a world of boundless opportunity. Explore a variety of different types of fantasy subgenres that suit your interests.

Heroic expeditions through mystical regions, mythological creatures, and fantastical worlds all come together in the magnificent world of fantasy. It allows readers to explore worlds that share many parallels with our own while also featuring supernatural characteristics. Today's fantasy genre is fast-growing in the book community thanks to all the movie remakes and social media.

Fantasy novels take readers on thrilling adventures full of magic, mythological creatures, and heroic quests. To truly enjoy fantasy literature, a reader must be familiar with its unique characteristics. Fantasy books are compelling because of the fantastical elements the authors incorporate, such as imaginary worlds, strong protagonists, and creatures. Understanding fantasy's characteristics and slowly familiarizing yourself with them will improve your experience of reading such an outlandish genre as you will be more likely to grasp the subtleties inherent to it.

So what are you waiting for? Roll the dice and take steps forward to discover your perfect guide for getting started with fantasy books. 

For many years, Hollywood has been turning fantasy books into big-budget films. In 2023, an all-star cast brought Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves to the big screens.
While the Dungeons & Dragons Series is rich in lore and storytelling, it also has 43 titles which may be of interest to the true, dedicated reader and fantasy savant. If you're looking for other popular series praised by critics that serve as an excellent jumping-on point with a decent introduction to the fantasy genre, we have you covered.

Fantasy Book-To-Screen Adaptations

"Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer

The "Twilight" series, categorized as a fantasy romance, was written by Stephenie Meyer and was a huge commercial and critical success. The story revolves primarily around Bella Swan, a young teenager who, after relocating to the quiet town of Forks, Washington, falls in love with Edward Cullen, a vampire. Suppose you want to get into the fantasy genre. Twilight is an excellent place to start as you get to read a book that has been adapted into a movie and has another genre that you might be more familiar with, which is a romance subplot that helps beginners slowly get into and understand fantasy. In addition to exposing new readers to a larger group of fans, fantasy novels adapted into films are a great place to start. Successful book-to-screen adaptations made into movies frequently have devoted fan communities that participate in conversations and social groups. Beginners can join these discussions and interact with other enthusiasts with comparable interests when they have read the book and seen the movie, significantly improving the reading journey.

"Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter'' books are among the most popular fantasy works of all time. It chronicles Harry Potter's adventures at Hogwarts School through seven books and eight films. These films bring the series' mystical world and lovable characters to reality, making it much easier for readers to keep up with and enjoy. If the movies have a high reputation for being exceptionally made, then you can only imagine how much more engaging and fascinating the novels are. The fictional characters from the novel, including their features, behaviors, and unique traits, are brought to life on screen in movies. For those who are just starting out, watching the characters on screen can assist in developing a more profound attachment to them and a better grasp of their roles within the narrative. Visual character depiction can make reading more enjoyable by making it simpler to picture the characters in following books that you read.

"The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis

The novels by C.S. Lewis that make up "The Chronicles of Narnia" are epic works of fantasy. The stories take readers on an incredible journey into the make-believe world of Narnia, where they encounter wondrous beings and exciting journeys. The story follows the four siblings' adventures in Narnia. Readers of fantasy books tend to be exposed to sophisticated worlds rich with distinctive inhabitants, mythical creatures, and supernatural components. The existence of a film adaptation makes it possible for first-time readers to picture the imaginative elements of the story, making it simpler to understand and become invested in the narrative. Readers may find it easier to comprehend the author's concepts due to the visual aid and portrayal offered by films, allowing them to get more fully immersed in the narrative.

Fantasy Books With Romance Subplots

Numerous readers find themselves drawn to novels that address different aspects of romantic connections, which is fitting considering that romance is a genre that achieves enormous appeal universally. Readers on the fence about venturing into the fantasy genre are more likely to pick up a book with a romantic plot line set in a fantasy world. The combination of fantasy and romance can link by providing a more recognizable element, making the imaginative components more approachable and enticing to the reader.

Crown of Feathers

The plot of "Crown of Feathers" centers around Veronyka, a young girl with a special connection to phoenixes, and Tristan, a disturbed young man with a dark past. Readers will have a more personal connection to the story's protagonists and antagonists as their relationship develops. It makes the narrative more approachable and exciting for beginners to the fantasy genre because of the compassion and humanity it introduces. For first-time fantasy readers, "Crown of Feathers" offers a unique window into the genre because of its focus on a secondary romantic plot. Veronyka and Tristan's budding romance is intertwined with the phoenixes' fantasy universe, the complicated political situation, and the difficulties of belonging and self-identification. This blend gives readers the best of both worlds, allowing them to immerse themselves in the fantastical theme while experiencing the variety and details of a passionate bond. It can pique beginners' curiosity in the genre and urge them to read other works of fantasy.


The plot of "Fable" revolves around the protagonist, Fable, and her mysterious companion, West, as they face off against pirates and embark on a series of daring sea adventures. Because of the developing romance between Fable and West, the story becomes more personal. It enriches their distinct experiences and adds a relevant factor that might connect with beginning readers, prompting a broad spectrum of sentiments like sadness, betrayal, and love. The romantic subplot softens the otherwise tense and action-packed narrative. In contrast to the more emotional parts of the story, these moments of fragility, sensitivity, and proximity serve as a welcome relief. This blend makes for a more pleasant reading experience for new readers. Excessive romantic emotions between the two characters in a fantasy novel might make the reader feel distant from the story and its characters. However, the romance in this book specifically, while present, develops gradually and is balanced with the story.

If you want to continue your quest for finding the perfect fantasy book and great reading materials, check out this specially selected book collection of the greatest fantasy books. It has several excellent recommendations for books that could be both entertaining and notable. Don't pass up the chance to enrich your fantasy reading experience and potentially find a new favorite book.

Buddy Reading

It can be intimidating to begin reading an unfamiliar genre of book for the first time, but finding a friend to read alongside can supply both support and drive. It generates a common encounter in which readers can support and urge each other to continue reading, particularly during parts of the book that are difficult to read or a bit more confusing. Reading fantasy fiction novels with other enthusiastic readers makes for a more engaging experience overall. Thus, buddy reading is a great way to maximize your enjoyment of reading a new genre. Participate in book clubs or social groups to discuss the books you enjoy reading, get recommendations, and share your thoughts with other fantasy book lovers.

You can make buddy reading so much more interesting by trading stickers featuring your favorite characters; it is a fun way to change up buddy reading sessions and make them engaging. StickerYou has a large variety of stickers you may customize that include your favorite fantasy characters, such as Harry Potter, Grogu, Frodo Baggins and so much more. These character stickers are a great way to bond over a shared love of reading with a friend or group.

The imaginative domain of literature is a vast and intriguing land that has yet to be explored. You will go on an exciting path through compelling places that will kindle your creativity and leave you waiting for more. If you comprehend the fantasy genre, explore outstanding novels, and continue to read thoroughly into fantasy subtopics, now is the time to get your hands on a good book or a series and flip through its pages and allow your imagination to take you to fantastical lands.

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