Monday, November 28, 2016

Mage Winds completed

Just finished Winds of Fury, book #3 of The Mage Winds Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey. (Which took me approximately five eons longer to complete than it should have!!)

As always, Lackey delivers the finest in her blunt, no-nonsense, style which nevertheless virtually quivers with emotion. She certainly delivered here, and I am more than happy to see the bloodied backs of three sadist-mages whose names are tantamount to torture and insanity.
But, more importantly, I am glad to see two old friends and many news ones find love - and learn that home is not the land you stand on, but the people you care enough to fight and die for.

"No disaster without some benefit" and "Love must live free," as the Shin'a'in say, and they along with the rest of those loyal to the Star-Eyed prove it.
Meaning, of course, my dear newer friends Darkwind and Firesong of the Hawkbrothers, and Treyvan & Hydona of the Kaled'a'in. And Nyara, of course, and Rhis (whose Famous Cousin Warrl is an old friend)
And then my older, and more sarcastic, friends: Herald-Mage Elspeth k'Shenya k'Valdemar (congrats on your wedding), Skif (same to your future one), Queen and Queen's Own Selenay and Talia, my dear Herald-Captain Kerowyn and her Skybolts, and Need, and Daren. And the Companions, of course.

Stellar job and good luck cleaning up the corpse-lawn on the border. I will see you all again, probably, next time I journey into the wondrous world of Velgarth. May the wind guide your wings to joy.
(My only regret is that leshy'a Kal'enedral Tarma never got to see the change in a certain sword; I would say the same for Kethry and Warrl, doubly the former, but where their souls went I cannot guess)

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