Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Editorial Review of The Last War (The Cynnahu Saga Book 1)

My book, The Last War, just got its first Editorial Review courtesy of Self-Publishing Review (SPR)! Naturally I paid them for the review, but the Five Star rating was their choice, their judgement, entirely.

"A fantasy novel replete with magic, lore, and epic stakes, The Last War by Ian E.S. Adler is a classic questing adventure in the richly imagined world of Nim-Semalf. The Order of mages and the entire archipelago they protect faces invasion by the naga, catapulting five unlikely companions into the fiery crucible of destiny. Amidst ancient riddles, embattled dragon shrines, fearless storm swords, and the mysterious motives of Archmages, the fast-moving plot is enthralling, as is this new realm taking shape before readers' eyes. Built on an elaborate mythology and supported by a classic fantasy plot of ultimate victory vs. complete annihilation, this first book in The Cynnahu Saga is a knockout start to a new series." Self-Publishing Review (SPR)


  1. I read your book thanks to my father (apparently a friend of your father) and recently finished it. I am very angry now. I feel this way because I WANT BOOK TWO OH MY GOD THE BOOK IS SO GOOD I MUST HAVE THE SEQUEL I DON'T MEAN TO RUSH YOU BUT OH MY GOD I WANT "Dragon Guardians" SO MUCH YOUR BOOK IS AMAZING

    1. Then you will be thrilled to know that Dragon Guardians is finished and needs only some editing; hence I mean to publish it within the next year. In the meantime, I AM SO GLAD that you loved The Last War so much!! Hearing that means SO MUCH to me!! Naturally I do not know your age, hence whether or not you have an Amazon account, but if you do then please write a good review for the book there. Since you obviously have a Google account, a raving review on Goodreads would be much appreciated as well. (Please forgive me asking this, but part of self-publishing means managing one's own publicity.)

      Rest assured that Dragon Guardians is on the way! Within the year and sooner if I can manage it!