Monday, October 10, 2022

I just started The Queen of Raiders by Sarah Kozloff

I just started The Queen of Raiders by Sarah Kozloff, volume two of her Nine Realms series.

They say the best way to learn is by experience, which means if Cerulia of Weirandale is to win back her mother's throne as a rebel guerilla fighter she must first learn guerilla warfare. Which translates to joining Thalen's Raiders in a volcanic land of fire magic fighting against devout fanatics in a mission that could conservatively be called suicidal and accurately the best option available for all parties – namely Weirandale and the Free States – concerned. For my experience tells me that suicidal predictions are no match for brilliant battle tactics.

"Alone, who firm of feet can stand
'Gainst tugging tide or greedy gale?
Yet brace and plaited hand in hand
Companions can survive travail."

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