Sunday, November 27, 2022

I have finished A Broken Queen by Sarah Kozloff

I have finished A Broken Queen by Sarah Kozloff, volume three of her Nine Realms series.

The Ninth enters the fray with Her Agent Spinner just as the Free States are on the verge of being just that again, though not without cost. Meanwhile, poetic irony stack up in Weirandale as friends and enemies attend a wedding. But, most importantly, the catamounts are purring.

"Though dusty sits the Nargis Throne
While tyrants befoul and bluster;
Though citizens do their yoke bemoan,
And the Fountain’s lost its luster:
Someday the drought shall be broken,
And the wondrous Waters course clean,
One dawn the words shall be spoken,
As the long-lost heir becomes queen."

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